robin & ben

“Hilary was terrific in every aspect of our sales process, from the initial walk-through, to looking at comparable and deciding on a price, to staging and then sequencing the on-sale date and opens, to presenting us with more than a handful of great offers. The house we purchased (well away from   Seattle) likely would have gotten a higher offer from us if the seller's agent had anything approaching Hilary's competence and attention to detail. Hilary understands the market and has a high level of professional competence; moreover, she listened and asked probing questions to make sure she understood our wishes. She kept us apprised every step of the way on the sale - and she was supportive during our difficult purchase process, too! I almost never leave 5-star reviews on Amazon (I guess I believe the old saying "there are no 10's"), but I gladly give Hilary the maximum and an enthusiastic all-thumbs-up.”

WAde & pete

“We were looking for a vacation home and went to Hilary for assistance.  She pointed us in the direction of Hood Canal.  Hilary showed us several properties and once we found the house we wanted to purchase Hilary gave us the advice needed to outbid other buyers.  We had a rather aggressive timeline to close on the property and Hilary made herself available every step of the way. The entire process went smooth and we were able to close on schedule.  I would highly recommend Hilary to anyone buying or selling a home.  She is a true professional.”

shirley m.

“I found Hilary to be an outstanding agent. She had an aptitude for discovering our needs and was able to prioritize our interests to locate properties that suited us in a very difficult market. She goes to a lot of trouble to find out about the little things that matter. We've had many real estate   experiences over the past 25 years and I'd have to say that Hilary was by far the best we've had.”

jeff & carol

“Hilary was outstanding in helping us through the process of buying our new home and selling our previous home.  She was very dedicated and left no stone unturned in finding the best way to sell our house.  She went above and beyond the call of duty--holding open houses, courting buyers, dealing   with other agents.  I am convinced that if Hilary hadn't gone the extra mile, our final buyers would have made a different choice. Hilary was a joy to work with and I heartily recommend her!"

lucinda r.

“Hilary was a fantastic agent. I couldn't have asked for better service. She helped with every detail of buying my new house and selling my old one. The logistics would have been overwhelming to me without her help. Her market research and scouting saved me a lot of time. She explained all the   paperwork and guidelines clearly and thoroughly. If she didn't have an answer right away, she did the legwork and quickly got me the answer or a resource that could help me. She was insightful and realistic about preparing and staging my house before putting it on the market. I got exactly the new house that I wanted, and sold my old house in 3 days at the asking price. Everything went very smoothly and quickly. The entire process was a real pleasure."


Clint d.

“I have bought and sold four homes in the Seattle area over the last 20 years and have used a different relator for each transaction, mainly because I never fully trusted nor was impressed with the realtors I chose. This changed once I worked with Hilary. Hilary is by far the best relator I have   worked with. Her professionalism and knowledge of current market conditions and trends was outstanding. She was meticulous in the planning phase and her attention to detail is second to none. As a direct result of her market analysis, detailed action list and hard work she displayed during all phases I got more than my original asking price and it only took 27 days from listing to close. I would without hesitation recommend her to family, friends and even professional colleagues for any reality needs."

james f.

“My wife and I were moving cross country and needed a trusted partner to help us answer a ton of questions while finding the perfect home. After interviewing a few agents, Hilary was the clear winner. Her deep knowledge of the area, professionalism and prompt replies helped make this difficult   journey much easier.

Before we flew out to look at houses, we talked multiple times and started rating houses so we were able to determine the area and style that we liked. She was able to hone in on what was appropriate for us quickly and we put together a list of homes to visit. When we flew out, she dedicated a week to house hunting with us and over the course of 3 days we viewed over 30 houses until we found the perfect place.

Once our offer was accepted, we were unable to be there for the inspection but Hilary make sure our interests were taken care of. When a problem came up during inspection, she negotiated for us on our behalf so everything was taken care of before we moved in."

wendy j.

“From the moment I decided I needed to start *thinking* about selling my house, Hilary was there every step of the way, as a partner and someone I really enjoyed working with. Hilary reassured me throughout with a clear strategy, excellent advice, insights into how to navigate the process, and great   ideas to make it all work smoothly. I really appreciated Hilary's keen attention to the small details that mattered, details I wouldn't have thought of. Hilary intuitively sensed when I wanted to be in the driver seat vs when I needed her to provide guidance and opinions, which was perfect. I also really appreciated Hilary's efforts to bring deep data to our meetings with really helpful insights into the market at the time that helped me position my house sale at the right price point and timing.

For such a crazy experience of selling and buying a home at the same time, I have to say it was far easier and less stressful than I expected thanks to Hilary's partnership in the experience. I would highly recommend Hilary to anyone looking to buy/sell a home, and would always use Hilary's services in the future."